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Mini Cruises

With a length of 3 to 6 days, mini cruises are designed for people who come not only to visit San Blas but for those seeking a general tour of the country or a combined cruise: San Blas / Las Perlas.

Upon arrival at Corazon de Jesus (or Carti if you chose the package with a stay at the Lodge Burbayar, at the heart of primary rainforest, or if you prefer the 4×4 instead of the plane), the boat will lift its sails to go to the neighboring islands (Isla Verde, Coco Bandero, Morbedup, Hollandes Reef up to Lemon Cays, or Chichime Lagoon) … depending on the length of your stay and the selection of the captain.

The Guna Indians:

You can also visit a traditional village of Guna Indians, meet the experts in making Molas and enjoy all the activities offered aboard. The return will be from Corazon de Jesus or Carti. Our team in Panama will gladly take care of all your bookings, transfers and hotels in Panama. These cruises are offered based on “shared option” (catamaran or monohull) or exclusive.

Welcome package:

We offer a special package with a receptive package all included > please read that!