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Charters at the San Blas Islands of Panama since 1999

San Blas sailing is a Panamanian tourism board registered company.

No hidden costs

English speaking office staff

24/7 on site assistance

Credit cards accepted as well as some cryptocurrencies, all included formula

Do not leave your vacation budget in unknow hands (merchant web sites with no legal status nor offices in Panama who could vanish suddenly into thin air) offering frequently sailboats with no insurance): read more.


English / French / Spanish speaking Staff

24/7 on site assistance

Yachts fully charter business insured

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Trusted seller with banks accounts in Panama

Visa / Mastercard certified – International wire transfers accepted as well as some cryptocurrencies


10 yachts fleet with legal status in Panama – Native Guna crews also available

5 categories for a larger choice – Exclusive or cabin charters

The Lost Archipelago of the Guna people

Sailboat rentals with crew in San Blas (Guna Yala), Panama since 1997.

Our packages offer more activities than any beach resort.

Whether you are on your honeymoon, traveling with friends or on your family vacation, our all-inclusive packages will transform your plans into a relaxing, yet exciting trip through one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the planet.