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Do I need a visa to go to Panama?
No, a passport valid for six months is enough for stays of three months in Panama for most countries. However, we advise you to consult the Embassy of Panama in your country to confirm according to your country of origin.

Do I need any vaccinations?
Official sites recommend preventive treatment for malaria in Panama without regional distinctions. But only few cases (250) were found in the forest of the Darien.  The coast of San Blas and the rest of the country are not affected. However, we must advise you to follow the administrative policies of your country. It’s the same with the yellow fever vaccination: we advise it for those who are going to Darien only.

Is Panama a dangerous country?
Not at all! Panama is the safest country in Latin America as it has been under the protection of the United States for almost 90 years. Panama City is no more dangerous than any other big city in Europe or the U.S. Your common sense prevails!

Is it difficult to get money in Panama?
Panama is the world’s 5th largest International banking center and all kinds of payment are accepted. The currency is the U.S. Dollar locally called “Balboa.” There are numerous ATMs in the city and across the country. However, there are no facilities in San Blas.

Do you have agents in Panama?
Yes, more than an agent, an office and a multilingual staff. Our office is in Panama City. We offer different services (airport transfer, hotel and domestic flights reservations, visits to the old city and locks, etc.).. .See “contact us” section.

What extras should I bring?
Enough sunscreen and small gifts for indigenous children, such as pens, balloons, etc … (Please avoid candies).  If you have your own snorkeling equipment  or spear gun, bring it, even though on boats we have some, you know that yours will be perfect! Do not forget the $ 1 bills if you want to buy local handicrafts or additional lobsters.

What about tipping?
Tipping is not mandatory but unless you are not satisfied with the service, you can leave an average tip of 5% of the charter for the crew: they’ll be very grateful.



What about accident insurance?
You must have your own (usually the credit card is sufficient) or accept the one offered by our partner (Ancon Insurance).

What are the weather conditions according to seasons?
Panama is protected from hurricanes and storms and therefore the charters are available year-round.  However, 2 seasons prevail: 

High Season from December to April:  it is the season of the trade winds (North / East wind), which means regular winds and little or no rain. Visibility under water is not the best and there is some current:  It is the ideal season for truly sailing enthusiasts!  

 The rest of the year, winds are milder and there are scattered showers (nothing too dramatic): the visibility under water is much better with the possibility of exploring the “outside” of the reefs,   there is more light and sunset is sometimes spectacular: it is the best season for  spear fishing,  coral reef exploration and marine fauna discovering.   There are more solitaire anchorages because it is low season which means attractive rates. 

 Temperatures vary a little depending on the seasons:  the average daytime temperature ranges are from 82°F to 95°F and average sea temperature goes from 77°F to 82°F.

2009-2010: Year of “El Niño”. The 2009-2010 season is affected by the “Niño” phenomenon. In San Blas, that means only a few rains and a drier ending of fall. The rest of the country suffers from a lack of rain and the land is dry. However, further south near the Ecuador, heavy rains are announced. 

What is included on board in San Blas?
Everything except personal expenses, tip, and extra meals of lobster and crabs. Please read our terms and conditions in detail.

If you have a specific question we will be happy to assist you: contact us.