TI KAY - Nautitech 40

Comfortable, lightweight, and spacious are the main features of this 40 feet catamaran. Perfect for families and friends, the accommodation for guests consist in 3 double cabins (6 guests) + 1 single cabin that is generally use for small children or teens.


The Crew:

Sailing at the San Blas Islands since 2005, Eduardo and Adriana have enjoyed the beauty of this vast archipelago. Eduardo, an experience captain and skillful fisher is complemented with Adrian and amazing hostess and chef.

Ti Kay - Nautitech 40 - Eduardo & Adriana


Globo Repórter – Brazil (June 2014)

Reviews & Publications

  • Ti Kay ∼ Un Acto de Vida, Un Privilegio

    María y Jorge Elfman  ∼ 09/2017

    Final de nuestro viaje…..Conclusiones:

    Entorno llamativamente virgen.  Maravilloso escenario que naturalmente incorporamos desde de la confortable platea del Ti Kay.

    Adriana y Eduardo, sus tripulantes, naturales como el entorno.  Ideas, pasiones, contradicciones y esperanzas compartidos y debatidos.  Diversidad, mundo interior y mirada finita, todos enredados en sentimientos básicos, sin ropajes, inherentes a nuestra condición de humanos.  Pasiones así presentadas potenciaron entorno y vivencia.

    Un acto de vida. Un privilegio.

  • Denis Renaldo – Febrero 2017

    Bien chers Adrianna et Eduardo,

    Cette semaine de croisière aux San Blas demeurera pour nous un souvenir inoubliable.

    Avec votre catamaran Tikay, si remarquablement entretenu, vous nous avez fait découvrir les merveilles de ces îles, la spontanéité des échanges avec les Kunas et les joies d’une vie simple proche de la nature.

    Adrianna nous a régalé de ses préparations unissant parfaitement les produits de la mer, les légumes et les fruits locaux, avec le tour de main digne des grands chefs. Eduardo nous a fait voyager en toute sécurité, nous permettant deprofiter au maximum des lieux de baignade, de découverte sous-marine et de pratique du kayak.

    Votre couple sait nous mettre à l’aise et anticiper nos moindres désirs. Vous formez un couple si complémentaire !

    Les échanges que nous avons eu restent dans nos cœurs. Nous vous remercions pour tous ces agréables moments passés ensemble.

    Bien sincèrement,

    Janine et Denis Renaldo – Martine et Alain Ponsich

  • James – April 2015

    Dear Melody, Bernard, Adri and Edu,

    As I sit preparing for the up and coming safari season, my mind keeps reflecting back to the amazing journey with my three daughters with Eduardo and Adriana, through the San Blas Islands on Ti Kay. What a hidden jewel you have tucked away there. Nobody I talked to on my travels through the US were aware of their existence, which makes it an even more exciting destination.

    Those coconut palm fringed islands have to be some of the most beautiful and picturesque on this earth. With so many undamaged coral reefs to explore, with such a diversity of fish life, including many different shark species, which is a great indicator of a healthy ecosystem, as they have been decimated in many other parts of the world. Eduardo’s extraordinary knowledge of the reefs and currents allowing us to snorkel with the currents along reefs so rich in life, or to follow him as he went out over the reef to look for fresh dinner, was such a learning experience for all of us.

    lobster cooked by Adri in every conceivable way cannot be too bad a life!

    Turning fresh caught fish into the most delicious meals that even Isabella, known to only like pasta in her former life loved every meal. Now I will have to pay for the most exotic tastes acquired on the boat for the rest of my life!

    The years spent by Adri and Edu not only have given them an incredible knowledge to steer us through this maze of tricky reefs, which are not easy, but what a way they have with all the wonderful Huna indians living on the islands. They have a fascinating gentle way of life, that was opened up to us by a rapport that could only have developed over the years spent in the area.

    It is really hard to explain to anyone that has not experienced your San Blas just how much we all as individuals took away with us. For that thank you all for the most wonderful family experience.

    Salaams and welcome to my home in Kenya anytime to return the hospitality,


  • Elvira y Alex

    Hola Adriana y Edu,

    Ya estamos de vuelta a la vida rutinaria de empresa!!! 🙂

    Muchas gracias por todo, nos encanto la experiencia y conoceros. Echaremos de menos las playas, los paisajes preciosos, la desconexión total y por supuesto la comida 😉

    Un abrazo y esperamos dar otro saltito mientras estamos en Colombia!

  • Sandra, Jordi, Alex y Nina – Marzo 2015

    Muchas gracias por vuestras atenciones estos días. Lo hemos pasado fantastico y ha sido toda una experiencia para la familia entera. Un fuerte abrazo ya hasta pronto.

  • Beth Nagalsk

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Rates per Day

Boat price $500 $175

2 $850
3 $1,025
4 $1,200
5 $1,375
6 $1,550
7 $1,725
Technical Details
Type Catamaran
Length 40 feet
Shipyard Nautitech Catamarans
Year 2002
Country France
Guests 7
Accommodations 1 single, 3 double
Air Conditioning No
Kayaks 1