About San Blas

Mini Cruises - FleetYes! The most beautiful and spectacular tourist destination of Panama is located along the Caribbean coast: the 365 islands of this archipelago are a real postcard scenery of white sand beaches, coconuts trees and turquoise waters. And the population, the Guna Indians, is living in a traditional way.

Guna WomenEstablished in 1938 as an autonomous Indian territory, the region of Guna Yala, with its simple beauty, its generous people and its exceptional primary forests, offers a great vacation opportunity away from massive tourism. A two- week stay is the best way to discover this archipelago and the Guna Indians. However, the guest can have a good idea of the traditional life in a week or 10 day stay. The archipelago is surrounded by the San Blas mountain range: solitaire anchorages facing a deserted island with a background of mountains covered by primary forests! During a kayaking trip up the Diablo or Manglar river, we can run into toucans, sea eagles, herons, woodpeckers or spider monkeys and even crocodiles. Not long ago, fresh Jaguar footprints were discovered by the captain and the guests of the Catamaran Nikita on the Manglar river.

365 reasons to choose San Blas

Of the 365 islands, only about 10% are inhabited, and those are very crowded. The remaining islands are deserted or home of a few isolated families. The San Blas archipelago is more a mooring destination than a sailing one: yachts sail 1 to 3 hours average per day, but you can ask the captain a little extra if the wind is favorable. Meals are, if possible, prepared with the catch of the day (variety of fish) or with lobsters or giant crabs (in season), though supplies include the best meat and the finest tropical fruits and vegetables from the market in Panama City (sent to you by plane). Unless you want to meet other circumnavigators at mooring (beautiful nights filled with lots of stories!), our guests can choose among numerous solitary anchorages.

Guna Girls PaitingThe best area to cruise is located between Rio Diablo (Corazon de Jesus) and Porvenir: the waters are calm mainly thanks to the reef protection of Chichime and Hollandes and the turquoise waters meet the marine blue colors. It is important to note that the itinerary can be discussed with the captain; however, he takes the final decision, always for comfort and safety. The San Blas archipelago is now clearly threatened by general sea level rising due to the global warming as a result of the civil and industrial pollution: Scientists predict that in around 40 to 60 years, the archipelago will be submerged! The Guna Indians would have then to move and live –again- on the mountains surrounding their territory.