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More inclusions than any luxury beach resort from just $200 per person per day. Whether you are on your honeymoon, traveling with friends or during your family vacations, our all inclusive packages will turn your travel plans into a relaxing, but entertaining adventure at one of the world’s most stunning archipelagos.

Monohull Tai Phou 41's Kayak - San Blas IslandsSailing in San Blas is a real treat as the distances are short. (From 1-3 hours per day of sailing or more if you ask). Most of the boats sail very well and captains love to teach the basics of how to navigate for beginners and allow “pro” to navigate alone. For those interested in making the route, San Blas has hundreds of traps but … the captains always have one eye on the way discreetly! Feel free to guide the boat, to lift the sail, etc. but never try to rent a boat without a crew in San Blas: none is available. At any rate, the advices of the captains are really valuable and save you the time to find the best shelter or the best place for snorkeling. Communication with the Indians is also easier: speaking in Kuna is a real plus! Each night is spent at anchor: anyway, San Blas has no marina!

Rony - GenakerLearn to Sail: The best time to sail is during the Wind Trade Season when the winds blow from the north-east (December to April). On the other hand, from June to October, winds are weaker but the visibility underwater is even better. There are almost no wind currents at this time, however the water is more clear and it’s the best time for sub-marine hunting and snorkeling. Get fit while sailing, while our crew instructs you about the basis of the sail and anchor.

Snorkeling Spear Fishing San BlasSnorkeling: Once anchored the boat, and thanks to the supplied equipment on each boat (mask, snorkel and fins), the snorkeling is truly accessible for all: for beginners with 3 feet deep to 100 feet down for the professionals. Note that the Gunas do not allow scuba diving and there are no decompression equipments aboard the boats. However, you can fish and you will appreciate the variety of fish. If you do not fish, most captains will do it for you: Most meals are based on the catch of the day. Animals are also numerous and very interesting to observe: bird watching includes seabirds but also river birds, more numerous. Marine life is represented by eagle rays, barracudas, sea stars, nurse shark, but also the clown fish, parrot fish and thousands of small fishes of all colors.

Coral Reef Snorkeling San BlasThe Coral of all colors is also of great interest in the animal kingdom: San Blas offers magnificent “falls” from 3 to 100 feet, excellent for snorkeling or spear fishing. One of the most popular activities is to go up the rivers: with the dinghy of the yacht (inflatable boat or kayak) or a Guna canoe, guests enter the Rio Diablo (or Carti) and slowly penetrates the rainforest with bird songs; sudden movements at the top of the bamboos and sometimes even the distant roar of monkeys, a closer spider monkey or sometimes a Toucan. Access to the river may be limited depending on the season (if there is little rain or after rain in the mountains for example).

Swimming in turquoise waters is just surreal! It is like a pool but with no “Clorox” and real starfish are on the carpet made of white sand! It’s a real pleasure to enter to the refreshing water in the morning, by the back of the boat, while the others are still asleep. Kids always like shallow waters to play, swim and have fun: each of the 100 beaches of San Blas offers a depth of less than 3 feet of sand where children can play safely most of the time with their new Guna friends.

Kayaking San Blas - CatamaranKayaking is the best way to get to a desert island, a favorite reef, but also to practice a sport: most sailboats have a two-seat kayak (please consult the website on the fleet section.) The ocean kayak is a real independence for a couple and a good toy for children. Walking on the white sand beaches of San Blas, on one hand with the quiet turquoise waters and on the other hand with coconut palms, is really relaxing and gives a real sense of freedom: can you imagine walking around an island without having to dodge a towel and bodies. Two hours before sunset, it is usually time to play beachvolleyball, the captain will put the net  between two palm trees and the game will  begin against the local Gunas. Generally they win: they may be short but they are really good at it!

Lady Jane 38' Captain Roberto - Spear FishingFishing: While sailing, the captains will fish and that could be the catch of the day! Tunas, barracudas, mountains, sometimes red snapper … sometimes nothing! So go fishing! There are many captains who go spearfishing (ask our sales reps for the best anglers if this is important to you!). Of course, the catch of the day is always the best dish in San Blas. Sailboats manned by gunas are generally better when it comes to fishing.

Catamaran Michto 35' - Meal San BlasMeals: When it’s time to eat, we take it seriously – cooking is important on board all sailboats. According to their nationality, each crew will introduce you to some specialties, but the basics are always fresh fish, lobsters and the famous San Blas giant crabs (watch out for the breeding seasons). The sailboats are supplied directly from Panama City with fresh tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, the best meat in town, etc … On board, drinks are included: Chilean or Argentine red or white wine, purified water, local beer, Coca Cola, local rum, fruit juice …

PleaseValentina on the trampoline - Catamaran Nikita San Blas read the conditions on board for more details. If you enjoy fine cigars or refined drinks, please bring them with you (you can buy them in Panama City). Most of the guests like a relaxing holiday: there is no special recipe but note that hammocks, pillows for outdoors, good arrangement within the cabin, a floating mattress and so on … are good tools to sleep, read, remake the world or just close your eyes and feel the gentle sun tanning your relaxed body.

Kuna Woman and Child - San Blas IslandsThe Guna, their world and its traditions is a very important aspect in the San Blas Sailing trips: thanks to your captain, you will have access to the famous traditional villages but also to remote households. You will be invited to the best places where they create molas. The best is to access the page of the Guna Indians to learn more about this ancient culture and strong traditions. You will be surprised at the traditional villages with children always playing happily around you, old women and their hard look, the younger women waiting for the slightest chance to begin to laugh and casual men.