Crewed Yacht Charters in San Blas 3 - 21 days

With a length of 2 up to 21 days, these cruises will immerse you in the World of The Gunas: 360 beautiful islands of white-sand and clear water. Rediscover the meaning of All Inclusive Vacations.

Islas de San Blas - Veleros y Catamaranes

If you are looking for adventure, relaxation or a romantic gateway San Blas is the perfect place to make your plans come true. Leave everything to our crew and simply enjoy the beauty of The San Blas Islands.

Daily Rate

Clients Meal


  • crew
  • 3 meals
  • beverages (wine, beer and rum)
  • Water sports equipment: snorkeling gear, fishing rods.

Not included

  • San Blas Entrance Tax ($22 per person)
  • insurance: 0,95% of the invoice total
  • Transportation Panama – san blas – Panama
  • Transportation from San Blas border to anchorage

Show Fleet 13 yachts » Cabin Charters $250/ pers. / day

Enjoy exquisite anchors around Cayos Holandeses, Cayos Chichime or Cayos Coco Bandero.

3 - 21 days: Crewed Yacht Charters in San Blas