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Christmas & New Year in San Blas

Christmas - Bip Bip - Family Cruising

Sail away in the beauty of the San Blas Islands. A unique opportunity to share in Family during The End of Year Holydays.

Your family will spend quality time far from the city and daily routine. San Blas has a huge variety of scenarios, from real virgin islands, coral reef barriers and native indigenous The Gunas.

The waters are calm, especially during this season great for sailing and fishing. You’ll taste exotic dishes: the fish of the day, lobster and giant crab purchased to the Gunas.

All inclusive on board (meals, beverages, fishing rods, snorkeling gear and crew). Our cruises are the more relaxing and enjoyable way to explore this white-sand and clear water paradise.

Ask Our San Blas Sailing Sailing Team the availability and rates during Christmas or End of Year.

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