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Money Heist (Season 3) in Guna Yala, San Blas, Panama

In its third season (2019), Money Heist takes us to incredible locations including the largest archipelago of the Panamanian Caribbean, the San Blas Islands.

This isolated archipelago of almost 369 islands is also known by the name of Guna Yala, which means “Land of the Guna People” in the native language.

A beautiful place, but a logistical challenge for the production of this Netflix series.

Tokyo, hidden with Rio for 2 years, tells they now live on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, “like in a romantic movie”, fishing their own food and swimming on white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

The series shows that now their home is in Pelicano Island, isolated from the world inside a rustic cabin with straw walls and sand floor.

Cabins very similar to that of the native inhabitants and some hotels in the area such as the Kuanidup Hotel located just 15 minutes southeast of this place.

Few luxuries are what we see in these scenes of chapter 1 of Money Heist, although if we traveled from Isla Pelicano for about 25 minutes by boat to the northwest we would find cabins with wooden walls, private bathrooms, electricity like the Wailidup Hotel.

You should not be alarmed, if you saw that in the serious Rio he delivered a satellite phone to Tokyo and you are not looking for Interpol you can easily buy a Digicel or + Mobile SIM Card in Panama City.

Traveling in Style to San Blas is Posible!

The sea at the San Blas Islands is very calm all year.

Panama has an abundance of fish, lobster, and crab (always included in sailboats).

By sailboat it is possible to reach places as and more incredible than Pelícano Island, such as Cayos Coco Bandero to the east and Dutch Keys to the northeast, both places twice as isolated, where it would have been impossible to film The Money Heist.

What do sailboat packages include?

  • 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day)
  • drinks (wine, beer and rum)
  • Snorkeling equipment of various sizes
  • Kayaks
  • Paddleboards on some boats
  • Air conditioning only in catamarans such as the VIP ONE – Lagoon 500 or Zenith – Salina 48′

Things to do during the sailing charters

The sailboats can take you to the best islands. Destinations where tourists normally cannot arrive.

Our clients can visit Pelicano Island and spend the night near the Island.

Pelicano Island – 2019

The crew of each sailboat knows very well incredible places for snorkeling. Places with intact corals, abundant in starfish, turtles, and fish.

Since the waters are calm, kayaking is easy on the biggest part of San Blas. The more adventurous groups can even do kayaking in the rivers near the coast, you just have to take care of the crocodiles.

We see that in the series, Tokyo says goodbye to a Kuna family in the indigenous language. Visiting indigenous communities is one of the great attractions of sailboats since these can reach remote places where the Gunas preserve their culture, clothing, and lifestyle intact.

See our fleet

Traveling to San Blas is easy!

First you must be in Panama. Getting here is simple, this city has the most important Logistic Hub in the region; with flights from most of the capitals of the world. Almost the entire American continent connected with direct COPA flights and from Europe with flights from Airfrance, Lufthansa, KLM and Iberia.

Day Trips to San Blas from Panama City with lunch, ground transportation and boat trips start at $ 140 per person.

There are currently commercial flights from Albrook Airport to the Playón Chico runway, near the famous Yandup Lodge. This is the most comfortable hotel in San Blas. Call +(507) 314-1800 or write to [email protected] for more information.

San Blas Sailing offers shared flights to the Heart of Jesus Airport every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at $ 300 per person. This airport is the boarding point for sailboats and the best point closest to the best islands.

If you plan to go in your car or a rented one, I recommend you read the following article: How to get to San Blas?

Money Heist Trailer

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