San Blas Sailing Blog

Darla & Brent – January 2015

AMAZING honeymoon experience on board of Bip Bip! We had such a great time with Marie and Manu. They are such wonderful friends. Since the moment we met them they were very welcoming and making sure we where having a wonderful time. Their relationship with the Kuna Yala villagers of San Blas is like they are family. Marie even gave me a manicure during our trip. The one thing I enjoyed and miss the most is their exquisite cuisine. Marie has a unique touch to everything she makes. She even taught me how to make the best chocolate mousse, it was really the best I’ve ever tried. Trust me I know I live in NYC!

If you are looking for an UNFORGETTABLE time with wonderful people and delicious food, don’t think twice!! Mari and Manu are the BEST! We would do it again for sure!

Mari and Manu,
Thank You for making our honeymoon so special!

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