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Elayne Dauber – January 2015

San Blas Sailing with Rafio and Cota on the Lady Jane

tripadvisorWe visited San Blas for 3 days in January 2015 and stayed on the Lady Jane. Our host and hostess, Rafio and Cota, were terrific. They started by asking us what our priorities were and then proceeded to custom plan the 3 days to fit our desires. The boat was quite comfortable, the food was absolutely fresh and deliciously prepared, Rafio and Cota were careful to preserve our privacy, and their language skills were excellent.

San Blas is beautiful. The Kuna Indians are very interesting, doing a valiant job of preserving their culture in a changing world. We found them friendly and happy to share, primarily because Rafio and Cota have such a good relationship with them.

The trip is not a luxury resort experience and anyone hoping for that would be disappointed. It is terrific for lovers of sailing and people interested in a unique cultural experience. Traveling by boat is essential to go anywhere in San Blas, and provides flexibility and comfort in an area where there is almost no infrastructure for tourists.

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