The Seasons

Panama is protected from hurricanes and storms and therefore the charters are available year-round. However, 2 seasons prevail:

High Season from December to April: it is the season of the trade winds (North / East wind), which means regular winds and little or no rain. Visibility under water is not the best and there is some current: It is the ideal season for truly sailing enthusiasts!

The rest of the year, winds are milder and there are scattered showers (nothing too dramatic): the visibility under water is much better with the possibility of exploring the “outside” of the reefs, there is more light and sunset is sometimes spectacular: it is the best season for spear fishing, coral reef exploration and marine fauna discovering. There are more solitaire anchorages because it is low season which means attractive rates.

Temperatures vary a little depending on the seasons: the average daytime temperature ranges are from 82°F to 95°F and average sea temperature goes from 77°F to 82°F.

No vaccination is really necessary for Panama City or the area of San Blas. However, please consult the correspondent authorities before leaving your country.