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Involving the Gunas, Our Greatest Achievement

Followed by the foundation of San Blas Sailing in 1997, our Guna Crew Project started. Involving the native communities of Guna Yala with the tourism was our goal. After a few years of training and hard work we are proud to announce that the project is a total success. We are currently hiring 3 full time Guna Captains and 2 assistant.

We Are Determined to Involve Guna Yala and its People

NinoFernando (center): He is the first and most experienced Guna Captain working at San Blas Sailing. He started in 2004 as an assistant and after a few years of hard work and training he was promoted as a captain. He will make you discover his islands, the Guna Villages and their habits. He speaks Guna and Spanish and some English. He loves cooking, especially the fresh fish of the day. Monohull Tai Phou 41′

YuriYuri: Amazing cook, skillful captain and impressive spearfisherman. Yuri will show you the best of his culture and homeland. Yuri is versatile cook who have adapted local Guna receipts with international receipts.  Captain since 2011, speaks Guna, Spanish and understands some english. Monohull Jivago 44′

Captain AxelAxel: a native Guna captain, speaks Spanish, English and Dutch due to his years on board merchant vessels through the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean. Axel has ample knowledge about his culture and the history of Guna Yala, “The Land of The Guna People”. Monohull Preluda 45′

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